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Maze Dog Bowl

The Maze dog Bowl is a fun feeder Bowl that helps prevent obesity and bloat for dogs, it is large and non-slip, making it facile to fill and take with your pet.

Non Toxic Dog Bowls

This healthy and non-toxic dog Bowl is a top-notch alternative to give your dog a healthy and players something to play with, the puzzle Maze is moreover a top-rated place for them to explore their food, while the interactive healthy food layer makes sure their food always on the table. The slow feeder Bowl makes feeding your pet a new piece of cake a doubtless basic and convenient, while the interactive layer of the dish helps your pet keep up with their daily bowels, this dog Bowl presents a fun Maze to explore and feed from, and a feeder dish to store food in. The Bowl is conjointly interactive, with an interactive grid to keep the dog entertained, this fun dog Bowl provides 2 fun Maze puzzles inside. The puzzles are black and make for a fantastic addition to your dog's toy chic tac shop Bowl set, the Bowl is large enough to give your dog a few checkers and a few and it comes with a non-slip bottom that keeps your dog safe. This interactive dog Bowl is a valuable choice to keep your dog entertained and healthy, it is fabricated from high-quality plastic and metal, and comes with a feeder that makes it straightforward to keep your dog entertained.