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Neater Feeder Elevated Dog Bowls

This is a great elevated dog dish for those hard to reach areas in your home. The top of the dish is elevated so that dogs can drink from the water easily or from the water seeps into the bowl itself. The dish is made from sturdy materials and is full of color.

Neater Feeder Dog Bowl

If you're looking for a nifty way to keep your neater feeder dog in good condition, you may want to try a new bowl. A simple plastic bowl with a door that opens and a small hole in the lid is all that is needed to put your favorite dog in for a day of exploring. You can also use these bowls with cats, dogs or other animals. the best part about these bowls is that they have a small hole in the lid so that they can escape if they want to. This way, you can keep your dog safe from being eaten by the beast inside. Plus, if you're ever in the mood for a bit of excitement, you can bring your neater feeder dog out on a date.

Neater Feeder Large Dog Bowl

This neater feeder large dog bowl is perfect for large breeds of dogs. It is elevated so that their hair and fur are seen from the side and it has two cup holders for easy access to your car. this neater feeder dog bowl is perfect for your small garden - perfect for using when you need a break from the dog! The elevated bowl provides a good amount of space for your feed and water bowl, while the slip-resistant cover keeps the dog from getting on your feed bowl and getting food all over the place. this neater dog bowl is a must-have for any pet’s single serve dog bowl because it is. More at: neater dog bowls this neater feeder is the perfect height for your elevated dog bowl. The two layer plastic makes it durable and easy to clean, and the elevated bowl makes sure your dog is fed every day.