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Puzzle Dog Bowl

This large Bowl is top-rated for my slow feed dog, it is non slip and grants a Puzzle design to keep him from getting out. It is moreover effortless to clean.

Best Puzzle Dog Bowl

This Puzzle dog Bowl is a best-in-class way to provide your dog with a lot of eating and eating! The large Bowl is non-slip bottom and can fit most dogs comfortably, the upper part is in like manner top-filled with cloth to ensure even feeding. The lower part is produced of fundo- marty's blue-icolor food Bowl is a first rate way for your dog because it is fabricated of durable plastic and is uncomplicated to clean, this large dog Puzzle Bowl is practical for your pet! It is fabricated of plastic and anti-choke-proof, so you can easily top up the Bowl with food. It also features a slow feed feature, so your pet knows how much food is in their bowl, this Bowl as well basic to clean, just remove the pieces of food that may have build up and clean them with soap and water. This Puzzle Bowl is first-rate for your slow feeder dog! It comes with a maze interactive dog Puzzle food Bowl with 12 different puzzles to solve, this is a toy Puzzle dog Bowl that your pet can play in while we feed them. The slow feeding mat makes it straightforward to get their food straight to their mouth! The pets dog cat Puzzle Bowl is an enticing choice for your pet to get their daily exercise and to store up their food.