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Wall Mounted Dog Bowls

Introducing a practical solution for your dog or cat - a Wall Mounted dog bowl! This simple design features a beautiful, modern lookalike pet bowl with white and black design, with its versatile and spacious fit, this bowl is superb for all your pet's food needs. The included cage & cages is what makes this bowl so successful, as it includes a single cage and a large number of dog or cat-related items, finally, the accessories - including a couple of Wall Mounted dog bowls - are facile to order and can be created quickly. So, wherever scouring for a stylish and successful pet bowl, don't look anywhere than the dog bowl from the kong.

Wall Mounted Dog Bowls Walmart

This dog bowl is practical for keeping your furry friend hydrated, the water bottle bowl is furthermore a sterling place to put your water bowl and snack bowl. This bowl is wall-mounted, so there is no clearance problem and it is water-resistant, the bowl renders a humidifier and water indicator. The bowl is additionally water-resistant to a shallow level, the auto water feeder is a splendid choice to keep your pet on track with their water needs, while keeping them organized and comfortable. This is an unequaled dog bowl for admirers hot days out in nature! The water bottle holder and mouth are also sterling features, the bowl is likewise water resistant so you can stay hydrated. The auto water feeder means you can always have enough water on hand, even when you're on your surrogate to work, the collapsed design makes it outstanding for larger dogs, and the elevated design is sensational for younger dogs or those with high ankle and shin weights. The bowl also renders a built-in floor mat and a built-in water bottle, this bowl is splendid for taking up space or virtual dog, as it can be placed in a room or space and still look like your dog is in the room. This 2-in-1 bowl rack is a first-rate substitute to keep your pet fed and hydrated while you're on the go, the contemporary design can make it look like you're taking a break while you watch you and the feeding bowl options make it splendid for both small and large dogs. The white finish with modern lines makes it look like you're taking a break from the sun, while the dark red bowl rack is unrivalled for larger dogs.