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Wooden Dog Bowl Holder

This elevated dog Bowl Holder is a valuable alternative to raise up your pet's food and water allowance while also holding them a little easier to care for, the Wooden design is necessary to keep the dog Bowl wet until their food is ready, and the built-in knife block keeps them safe from sharp-shieks.

Rustic Elevated Dog Bowls

This rustic elevated dog Bowl is practical for your pet, it's made of hardwood with a sleek design, and is just the right size for your furry friend. The water is disconnected from the food, making it effortless to fill and emptied, the design is facile to clean, and your pet can drink from the Bowl without having to go back inside. This Wooden dog Bowl stand is an excellent surrogate to raise your pet's and pet's food and water stores up high! The stand as well beneficial for supporters of plants and plants growing in your garden, the Bowl stand also prevents your dog from pulling up food and water and getting their food or water knocked over. The best surrogate to keep your dog and cat fed and happy is to have a sturdy and high-quality farmhouse-style Bowl holder, this Bowl Holder is produced of durable wood and features 6 high-quality cat and dog bowlers. The Bowl rack is likewise straightforward to clean and is 6 inches in height, this Wooden elevated dog Bowl stand is a top-of-the-line place for your little one to put their food and water. The built-in feeding station is sturdy and large enough to keep a dog large enough to eat in one spot, the stand is manufactured of recycled wood and is very sturdy so your pet will be able to eat without getting sick.