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Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl

The Yeti Boomer dog Bowl is a top substitute to provide your dog with a clean environment, this Bowl is manufactured of stainless steel and imparts a blue or blue green color. It is further multi-purpose, so it can be used for sitting, sleeping and also as a toy.

Black Yeti Dog Bowl

The Yeti Boomer 8 stainless pet Bowl for dogs is an outstanding choice for shoppers who adore their dogs but don't want to go out of their choice to buy a bowl, this Bowl is sleek and simple, first-class for all breeds of dogs, whether you're digging for a pet that will always be by your side or one that you can use for short period of time before it goes home. With its orange retired color, you can choose to go for a bright and vibrant Bowl this small Yeti dog Bowl is an enticing size for your eight-legged friend, made of durable plastic, it presents a blue and pink design and is designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable. The Yeti Boomer dog Bowl is excellent for your pet, it is manufactured of stainless steel and imparts a black color. It is large enough to tailor all of your pet's food and water, the dog Bowl is moreover dishwasher friendly and effortless to clean. The Bowl presents a non-slip base and a tight-fitting lid that makes it basic to fill and empty, your dog will appreciate getting into the Bowl and getting his or her favorite pieces of food.